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CLICK ON BANNER to place an order for the SynSha Collection!
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Sizing Information

Exact measurements are found under the description of each product page. This is only a general guide and should not be used to answer sizing questions of individual products. 

 We get it, sizing is tough to nail down when shopping online. One of the most common questions we get is, “How do your sizes run?” While for the most part, “true to size” would be the correct answer, it’s important to note that our product comes from more than 50+ designers from around the world each with their own interpretation of what a size small, medium, or large should fit like. What one person says, “runs large,” another might say, “fits perfect.” But check the description for details and if you have any questions ping us directly from the site or email us at

This is why we post the exact measurements by size under the description tab of each product, as well as the model’s measurements and the size she is wearing to help you picture how it might fit on you. We have size ranges, if in doubt always go up a size. It's better to have it comfortable instead of having it fit too small. Feel free to chat with us via online if you have any other questions. 

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